Soul Survivor: The Bethany Hamilton Story

Now that Bethany has a mini-business with her DVD, etc., it’s still a family affair. Her publicity person, Becky Baumgartner, is dating her brother, Noah. Her agent is another family friend.

Today, Bethany travels widely, both surfing and speaking. She has been to South Africa and Indonesia. She has appeared on Letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah, 20/20, the Today Show, and many others. Everywhere she goes, Bethany has the same message:

”I had a choice to make-either follow God or give up on life. I chose to follow God and so much good has come from that and through this ordeal. I’m challenging you to choose whether you’re going to give up on life or give God a chance and let Him work through you.“ What a message. What a girl.

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