Geography, World Missions & Comparative Religion

Published with Permission
Written by Mary Hood

Whenever you are deciding how to approach an area of study, it helps to think through your goals. When teaching geography, my own goals have very little to do with memorizing the names of countries and what they import or export. For me, it all begins with helping children develop a sense of adventure.

When my youngest son, Steve, was about 13, we traveled from Georgia to California by car. It was just the two of us, camping all the way. From Georgia to Fort Worth, Texas, I was on familiar ground and was completely within my comfort zone. However, heading out of Fort Worth, preparing to cross the desert for the very first time, I fully expected Apaches to come swarming out of the hills, due to a penchant for cowboy movies during my childhood. I was scared, but I went anyway, and was I glad I did! (more…)