The Debate Over Daytime Curfews

Published with Permission
Written by Antony Barone Kolenc

My family lives just a mile away from an excellent county library, which my homeschooled children can visit on a nice day in order to check out books for school research or additional reading. They enjoy the stroll with their older sister and feel empowered to use the library’s resources. But would they take that walk if they knew that a police officer would stop them, question them, and possibly ticket them or drive them home in the back of a police car? I think not.

That is just one example of potential harm that a daytime curfew poses for homeschooling families. These laws—a trend that began to catch on in cities and counties during the 1990s—prohibit minors from being in public places during school hours, often at the risk of a stiff fine or a hearing before a judge. Are these laws necessary, and do they really pose a risk to homeschoolers?   (more…)