Homeschooling High School

Published with Permission
Written by Lisa Trombley

Two words that are likely to strike fear in the heart of a homeschooling mama “High School.” For some reason we (and I am speaking of myself too) consider ourselves perfectly capable of teaching during the younger years, but start to get worried somewhere around the 8th grade that we will not be capable of teaching our children. Maybe it’s because we just don’t remember that much from when we went to school (like Algebra that I hadn’t done in 15 years!) Or maybe our child has a talent/interest in something we know nothing about. Maybe it’s because we have several younger children also and are worried about being able to spend the proper amount of time teaching High School, or that we won’t prepare them properly for the college they want to attend. I remember the first year I started homeschooling and I asked a dear friend, “What am I going to do when her knowledge surpasses mine?” Whatever the reason that we get nervous about this time period in our child’s life, it is entirely possible to home school successfully though the High School years, and your children will be much better off for it.

What I was told when I asked the question about what to do when her knowledge surpasses mine is (more…)