Our Ever-Evolving Home School

Published with Permission
By Julie Cerdas


After reading The Dan Riley School for a Girl as a college student, I knew I wanted to home school any future kids. Of course I was single at the time, but this thought stayed with me. When our daughter, now 4, was born, it became evident that she was a quick baby—she sat up, crawled, talked, and walked early and then picked up the alphabet on her own. By age 2 she was reading, and not because I was pushing it! By the time she was 2-1/2 she was determined to write. I don’t say this to boast but rather to drive home my next thought: How could we send her to preschool where she would be learning a letter, color, and number per week when she already knew all that? I remembered reading the aforementioned book and started to look for blogs and other books about homeschooling. My husband and I had many conversations and prayers and finally decided we would home school.

What I love about homeschooling is that it is ever evolving.