Using Old Newspaper as Mulch…

It’s spring time, and everyone is gearing up to plant their gardens.  Some gardeners (like my wife) start their plants before spring–using greenhouses or trays of dirt under a lamp in the corner.  Others (like me) wait until the very last minute to break up the ground in the yard.  However, no matter which type you are, every garden has three natural enemies: Weather, Pests, and Weeds. Today’s article deals with addressing one of those enemies, the Weed.


Attracting Owls to Your Backyard

This article isn’t so much about the tips and tricks associated with home schooling as it is a fun activity that you and your kids can enjoy: Building a nest for owls.

Nocturnal animals, like owls and bats, have always held a mysterious place in the imaginations of people. As a kid, I always thought owls were awesome. When we went camping, I loved to hear the low hoots from the treetops or the eerie cries of the screech-owl (