Using the Internet for Your Home School Group (Part 1: Mass Email)

April 15, 2009 | Posted in Technology | By

The Internet has revolutionized home schooling. As someone who grew up during the ‘90s (yes, I realize that makes some people feel old), I got to see the Internet evolve from little websites run by astronomers and computer geeks into a multi-billion-dollar institution. Once upon a time, reading about something meant going to the local library or cracking open an encyclopedia. Now we have Google, Wikipedia, eHow, Wikihow, and everything else in between. Yes, the Internet has fundamentally changed the amount of information we can access and how we access it.

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Take Our Twitter Poll

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Do you plan to attend one or both of the home school conventions this May? We want to know! Complete the Twitter poll below, and look for more polls in the future (we have a new page dedicated to our polls). And don’t forget to sign up for one of the home school conventions at Read more →