The Home School Guide to College

What happens to a homeschooler after they finish homeschooling? The homeschoolers that choose college may face an uphill battle compared to their public-schooled peers. Going from homeschooling to college is more than just attending class. A homeschooler may never have written a paper, attended class in a typical classroom, or had to study something he/she didn’t like. As a result, they face a more difficult transition to college than a typical high school graduate. (more…)

Home School Day at the Capitol: 2/24/2009

Make plans to join us Tuesday, February 24, at the State Capitol for Home School Day at the Capitol. Homeschoolers from all over Arkansas will converge at the State Capitol and put their “best homeschooling foot forward”. Because of the changing legislative landscape, it is imperative that as many homeschoolers attend as possible. We want legislators to see just how many of us there are, but on a friendly platform. We also want to thank them for their service to their communities and let them know we appreciate them. (more…)