Home School Day @ The Capitol

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On February 17, 2015, home schoolers from all over Arkansas are planning to fill the halls of government and fill the tummies of our elected officials with free home-cooked desserts.  What a great way to influence friends or create new ones!

Voting on laws all day works up quite an appetite.  Your legislators will be hungry and glad to see you walk in with some tasty food.  So, dust off your favorite dessert recipe and join over 1,000 home schoolers for Home School Day at the Capitol.

Bring your entire family.  Bring all your home school friends.   Drop off your desserts.  Spend the rest of the day touring our State Capitol, sight-seeing aroundLittle Rock, and shopping.  It’s fun!  It’s educational!  It puts our best home school foot forward!  And your kids will enjoy it a lot more than doing school at home!

How to Participate in Home School Day at the Capitol

  • You must register in advance.  Click here to register now.  You can also register over the phone by calling (501) 978-5503.
  • Bring at least 2 desserts, one for your State Senator and one for your State Representative. (If you don’t know their names, we will work that out for you.)
  • Find out more about hotel accommodations, parking, and restaurants: General Info || Parking and Shuttle Bus Info || Restaurants || Hotel Accommodations
  • Bring your entire family and all your home school friends.
  • Hear bills debated by attending legislative committee meetings. (10:00 a.m.–noon)
  • Watch floor debates and actual votes on legislation from the House or Senate gallery. (1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m.)
  • Sign up for a free guided tour of the historic State Capitol Building. (offered throughout the day)
  • Meet lawmakers.
  • Come and go as you please.
  • Be part of a group photo on the Capitol steps.
  • See the sights of Little Rock on your own.
  • Shop till you drop.

Take a Break and Join Us!

Deadline:  5 p.m.Friday, February 13, 2015

Registration Form


I would like to meet with...
 My Senator My Representative Both

YES! I would like to take a FREE walking tour of the Capitol Building. Please sign me up for the:

How many desserts will you be able to bring?
(Minimum of two. Please try to bring extras if you are able so we can make sure every lawmaker receives something.)

PLEASE NOTE: Any homemade dessert is accepted. Please keep in mind the desserts will be stacked and will not have access to a refrigerator. Also, please do not bring the dessert in a container you want back as we will not be returning dishes to anyone.

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  1. Michelle:

    I just want it to be noted that we plan to attend but if there is snow as the weather is forecasting, we won’t be able to do so.

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