3 ways to motivate reluctant learners

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When I was teaching my children (before the internet!) I relied on this book for ideas:

Games for Reading

Don’t forget simple games like Concentration.

Get a bunch of index cards and a list of target words. Write one word on each card, but make pairs. So 12 words will yield 24 cards. Turn them face down on the table and try to make a match by turning over two cards.

If you make a match, keep the cards and go again. If you don’t make a match, turn them over and it’s the next person’s turn. When all the cards are gone, the one with the most cards wins. Kids love this game and often have better memories than the adult!

I just started a Pinterest board of my favorite reading teacher ideas.

The key to motivating your children is to keep things positive and to build on their interests.

Games and field trips are my favorite tactics. What are yours?

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