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5 things I love about homeschooling

Written by Jamie Martin, editor of Simple Homeschool and Steady Mom

Recently we discussed the tough stuff–the hard side of home education that gives us a run for our money. But thankfully, that’s only one side of the story. There is another–the one that keeps us going through the challenges and reminds us why we do what we do.

Because it’s also a fact that there are also many pleasures involved in this homeschooling lifestyle we’ve chosen! The benefits for our children are often written about–increased self-confidence, ability to focus on interests, and the freedom to move at their own pace, to name a few.

But in today’s post, I want to dwell on the benefits to us as homeschooling parents.

In all of life there is a dark and a light side. We get to choose which one we notice most.

Today, we’re walking in the light. So allow me to share what I love about our family’s lifestyle of home education.

1. The books & read-alouds

Classics and living books change lives, and as homeschooling parents we have the awesome chance to spend our days with them. We read and watch in wonder as their messages slowly influence those who live within the walls of our homes–ourselves included.

I didn’t grow up being read to regularly as a child. This means I now get to discover so many incredible childhood titles right alongside my kiddos!

What this looks like in our home:

  • Reading aloud is the major structured learning activity of our day. We rarely skip it.
  • We read at times when nourishment is required: Breakfast, Snacks, and Lunch times (I eat at other times, or will eat first with the kids, then read.)
  • I choose books to purchase from these lists: SonlightSimply Charlotte Mason, and Ambleside Online

2. A do-over for me

I excelled while climbing the grade ladder of the traditional schooling system. A people-pleaser by nature with a sincere desire to learn, I desperately wanted to be successful.

I was good at test-taking, studying, getting the grade, and then forgetting the material. This bothered my contemplative self–I remember being troubled that I didn’t have more time to learn because I had to spend time proving that I had learned.

For a few years of middle and high school, I begged my parents to homeschool me. A prophecy of what was to come, perhaps?

Now I am falling in love with learning again–through the eyes of my children. As we discover the world together, I feel deeply thankful to have this magical opportunity to spend hours relearning and getting excited about life and all it has to offer.

What this looks like in our home:

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