Top 12 Things Home School Parents Need to Know About the SAT and ACT

12.  The Week of the Test.  Here’s your general guidance:

a. Review 1-2 hours/day Mon-Thurs

b. Drive to the testing site before the test.  Know your route!

c. Get your Test Registration form

Night Before the Test

a. Eat a light dinner

b. Bathe. Set clothes out.

c. Get into by by 10:00

d.  Put the registration, your ID, a snack, 6 pencils, and 2 calculators in a plastic bag and tape it to the bedroom door.

e. Park your car close, with an easy way to get out (don’t get blocked in), and make sure the tank is filled.

Day of the Test

a. Up at 6:00!  Hydrate: drink 16 oz of water

b. Have a light breakfast.

c.  Dress in light, loose, layers.

d. Get there early.

e. Turn your cell phone off.  Better yet, leave it in the car.

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Dr. Beasley taught college for 16 years, including 13 years at LeTourneau University.  He is credentialed to teach 14 subject areas through the graduate level.  In the 1990s, he opened and oversaw nine schools in the Dallas area.  In 2002, his schools converted to the Internet and were opened to homeschoolers.  His SAT and ACT prep programs have been used in public and private schools in nine states.  Dr. Beasley has prepared homeschoolers to be admitted to some of the top colleges in the country, to ear significant scholarships, to receive service academy appointments, and to obtain ROTC scholarships.  To find out more, visit and 

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