You Are Interested in Homeschooling but…

Cost.  I hear from ladies all of the time who are afraid to home school because of cost.  If you are already living on one income, or will be going to one income, the thought of adding home school expenses can be scary.  The cost of homeschooling varies greatly.  You can home school for free if you are determined and have internet and a library card.  You can also spend $1000’s if you want to.  Generally speaking it is less expensive to home school younger grades and gets a little more expensive to home school high school.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  If you want to home school, don’t let the financial part stop you.  God is able and does provide for all of our needs.  Sometimes it takes sacrifice on our part to do so.  Trim the budget, have a garage sale, start couponing, whatever it takes to do your part and let God do the rest.  I have a great story of God’s provision for our home school during a difficult financial time:

” The summer I was pregnant with Lily (#6), our insurance changed and required a whole lot more money to have a baby.  Money they wanted up front of course.  At the same time, one of our children needed stitches (ER visit), and one needed their tonsils out (overnight hospital stay.)  We also had a few other unexpected expenses (something broke) and I had next to no money for home school curriculum.  I could’ve probably charged it on a credit card, but we had enough debt with the medical bills.  Well, a friend of mine had an entire curriculum (an expensive one) that she wasn’t using for the grade Chelsea was going into to.  She offered to loan it to me!  Wow!  All I had to buy was something for Math which I picked up cheap on ebay. At the same time, she had found some Abeka curriculum at a local thrift shop.  The lady had twins so there was two of everything for only $5 for a complete year’s curriculum.  She gave me a set and kept a set for herself.  Amazing!  A few weeks later, a lady contacted me who was moving and no longer able to home school.  She had a garage full of curriculum that she had to get rid of.  She didn’t want any money, I just had to pick it up that day.”

I had everything I needed to home school that year and more.  God will provide for your needs. It may not be the way you think He will, but He will provide.

You will make mistakes.  I make mistakes everyday as a parent, wife, home school mom.  But, you are not going to mess your kids up by homeschooling them.  You may not do things the same way the public school does (NOT a bad thing), they may learn at a different pace then their friends down the road (that’s ok), you may decide halfway through the year that your Math curriculum is not working and switch to something else making them “fall behind ” (that’s ok too.)  But, if you have desire and determination  to home educate your child, you are not going to” mess them up.”  They will be much better off than they would be in school, even with any mistakes that you might make.

Don’t let your fears stop you!  You can successfully home school your child!


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