The Gift of “How to Learn”

When my fourth son, Jared, began working for his older brother, a home builder, home building was down, so Jared initiated a remodeling division for Jason’s company. One night Jared asked his dad how to install a water heater and then commented: “Never mind. I’ll look it up on the Internet.” When Wade was curious as to why Jared needed to know, Jared said, “I am installing one tomorrow for a customer.” What?! Obviously, Jared had the CD player of  “How to Learn” firmly fixed in place, and it gave him an incredible confidence.

Immerse your high schoolers in topics so that they can develop their own “How to Learn” CD player. Acquisition of such a tool will serve them throughout life—plus give them confidence to boot!


  1. All activities are taken from KONOS History of the World Medieval: Year 2 for High School by Jessica Hulcy and Sarah Rose.

Jessica Hulcy, co-author of KONOS Curriculum, the first curriculum written for home school, is an educator, author, and formerly popular national home school speaker prior to her near-fatal wreck in 2009. A graduate of the University of Texas, mom to four grown sons, and “Grandear” to grandchildren, Jessica lives with her husband Wade on acreage in Texas. Recently Jessica and Wade started the ultimate online help for homeschooling moms called Homeschool Mentor. Visit and

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