Crunching Through the Cracker Crumbs

Following this simple chore list has freed me to manage my home with less stress and consequently to enjoy my family more. Keep it simple so that even on your most hectic days, you will succeed. You can always do the never-ending miscellaneous tasks as you have time, but include the most important chores on the template, which for me were kitchen, floors, laundry, and bathrooms. Tweak it to suit your family and your needs.

I left the weekends open for worship, relaxing, and occasionally conquering bigger organizing jobs around the house. Include your children in chore time, even the toddlers. Consider making a list of deeper cleaning items, such as cleaning baseboards and windows, for your children to do in exchange for allowance or privileges. Hopefully, following this simple chore list will help you maintain a more comfortable environment for you and your family and free you to enjoy your family more.

Misty West lives in Grapevine, Texas, with her husband, Jody, and their three blessings aged 10, 8, and 3. She enjoys the worship at their messianic synagogue, listening to audio books, and dark chocolate! Misty values the blessing of homeschooling, the support of her husband, and hopes to be an encouragement to other homeschoolers and those considering joining the journey.

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