Updated: We Are Not Alone

Eventually the settlement grows into hundreds of members. Of course, there are troubles: those who join only to ridicule, denominational differences, governmental persecution, and the like. Your son even suffers banishment from Saxony, for a while. These all serve, though, to purify the settlement and broaden the scope of your son’s vision. Eventually, he establishes outposts in several European locations, and even in the young America. During one storm-tossed trip to America, members of your son’s settlement behave so bravely that a traveler from England, a certain John Wesley, finds his faith wanting, by comparison. This leads to the traveler’s actual salvation after corresponding with your son’s friend. In fact, the settlement finds itself answering hundreds of letters per day and praying over the requests in them.

From the many outposts of the settlement, it is a simple step into missions. By 1760, they send out more than 200 members as missionaries throughout the world, most into places the established church dares not reach.

Who is your famous son?

Answer: Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf; beloved founder of the Renewed Church of the Unity of the Brethren (the Moravians); referred to as :The Rich Young Ruler who said ‘YES’”; establisher of the Hundred-Year Prayer Meeting; publisher of “The Daily Text” devotional guide still in publication; writer of over 2000 hymns (one of which is “Jesus Still Lead On” translated into 90 languages); founder of Bethlehem, PA; and home scholar.

Another question: Where is Moravia? Answer: Moravia is a region in the east of Czech Republic, a neighbor of Germany. The Elbe River, which runs past Dresden, also runs near Moravia.

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