Updated: We Are Not Alone

Aided by Florin, your son begins experimentation with air pressure, causing many to believe the value of scientific empiricism. Your son spends much time in society for the next four years. At this time he has a heart-awakening when run-away horses, bring him very near death, an occurrence which gives him many nightmares, and which draws him closer to thoughts of God.

You retire at this time and spend several years working with your son on scientific experimentation. Your son’s thoughts now have turned to religion, seasoned also with constant exposure to the ever-expanding and ever-more-logical scientific world. He writes volumes of thoughts to Jacqueline, who also wants to join Christ.

By age thirty-seven, he reconstructs his purpose, beginning a life of simplicity and charity. For a while, this seems to improve his health. He spends this time writing popular, successful, public defenses of Christianity in the form of eighteen “Provincial Letters.”

By his thirty-ninth birthday, he is ill with such head pain that he needs professional care. Since he has given his own property away, he must live for a while in Jacqueline’s house. His physicians are so puzzled about his condition, they do not realize the gravity of his illness. In two months, he dies.


Q: Who is your famous home-schooled son?

Answer: Blaise Pascal, one of the world’s most comprehensive geniuses, author of the book Pensees (published posthumously). formulator of Pascal’s theorem, author of Essay on Conics, verifier of the hypotheses of Torricelli and Fermat, inventor of a mechanical adding machine, and home scholar.

Another question: What popular toy uses a curve design that compares to the Limaçon of Pascal, invented by Blaise Pascal’s dad, Étienne Pascal?

A: The Spirograph.®

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