Math Apps – Worth Their Weight in Gold!

Published with Permission

Written by Sharra Badgley

Math. It has always been the subject of dread in my life until recently. I have never fully understood my struggles in higher math and my anxiety over mathematical computations until I observed our 9-year-old daughter as she struggled with math. My daughter is an exceptional learner who has inherited my learning challenges of Gifted/ADHD. After several years of homeschooling, I observed that she could blaze through a large work of classic literature with full comprehension and understanding beyond her years. However, a page of math with more than ten problems on it would cause her to break down in tears and lay her head down in defeat. I could recall having these same experiences during my own childhood, all the way through my college years. As a Gifted/ADHD learner, our daughter was overwhelmed by the magnitude of numbers on the text pages.

At the elementary level, in our home school we have used an assortment of home school curricula, all of which have included thirty to forty problems per lesson. As classic educators, we appreciate math drills, which help cement concepts in the mind. The difficulty arose as our daughter’s sheer anxiety over math prevented her from moving forward and completing enough problems to master the concepts.

The freedom and flexibility of homeschooling have allowed us to explore many curricula and programs so that we could reach a place of success, and the use of educational apps has truly revolutionized our homeschooling. We use educational apps in conjunction with our textbooks, workbooks, and other online supplementary programs.

As a matter of preference, we instruct our daughter to complete her written work of approximately twenty math problems, and then, as positive reinforcement, we use math apps daily for continued learning. By choice, our daughter will now complete, on average, one hundred problems a day in one math app alone.

Within most educational apps, the math problems are delivered one at a time and it becomes a challenge or game to achieve higher levels. After our daughter completes her curriculum app, she is then able to select a game (from among ten different math programs) to play for a short period of time. Since we have begun including the use of math apps in our daily homeschooling, our daughter smiles and no longer complains or breaks down in tears. She has progressed in her math learning, achieves more success on a daily basis, and is independently driven to complete additional math challenges. Recently, to my complete surprise, our daughter completed an entire chapter in her Algebra textbook over a two-day period because she found it to be such a “fun” challenge! For our family, educational apps have met a learning need and have allowed us to achieve mastery of concepts.

Is math your subject of dread? Or could it be biology, grammar, or a foreign language? Whatever subjects you or your student may struggle in, consider supplementing your core curriculum with educational apps or other interactive-digital media. They are tools that can serve as positive reinforcements, and they are especially helpful for struggling learners and special needs students.

For the month of March, I will highlight several educational math apps that we have found beneficial. Please note that the prices of apps listed are subject to change and may differ after publication.


Fourth-Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets by StudyPad, Inc.—iPad

Age range: Elementary

Price: $9.99

Splash Math for fourth grade is one of the most comprehensive math apps that we have reviewed thus far! It includes ten chapters of core topics and 140 worksheets, with an average of twenty problems (per worksheet) that are delivered one at a time. Topics covered at this level include these: Place Value, Number Sense, Algebra, Multiplication I and II, Division, Fractions, Decimals, Measurement, and Geometry.

The features are astounding. You can assign worksheets, obtain daily reports, and have a weekly report delivered to your email. We use this math app on a daily basis in our homeschooling; it is a family favorite. Splash Math is available from first- through fourth-grade levels, and the developers are in the process of creating apps for fifth grade and sixth grade.

Operation Math by SpinLight Studio—iPhone/iPad

Age range: Elementary to Adult

Price: $0.99

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