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Your brother-in-law is near blind. Your tasks extend to reading aloud and discussing your readings with him. The problems for the children, now, tend more toward finding income to keep the home solvent. Although they dislike tutoring, it pays enough, and the sisters want to give their only brother the expensive art education his brilliant skills deserve.

They devise the idea of a private school in their hometown and, using money you have given them, they study abroad to expand their expertise, better to prepare themselves. They advertise the opening of their school and wait. Not one pupil enrolls.

The sisters then turn to publication and realize that as women, they will not find acceptance unless they resume their childhood habits of aliases. They offer up a collection of their poetry, again using your monetary gifts. The volume is popular. Still, they sell only two books.

Their writing is good, though, and eventually they acquire publishers for their prose works, along with monetary success and acclaim.

Who are your famous nieces?

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Answer: Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, the Bronte sisters—authors (under the pseudonyms Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell) of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Agnes Grey, along with scores of unpublished works; friends with William Thackeray; and home scholars, none of whom lived past age 39, their mother’s age at her death.

Another question: How true was the fictionalized account of life in the clergy school?

A: Charlotte Bronte later wrote that she would never have depicted Lowood as she did, if she had thought the public would so easily have guessed the source, but that there was not a word of it that was not true.

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