We Are Not Alone

Beginning with funds from John D. Rockefeller, she efficiently heads this new body of volunteers for the next twenty-two years, sustaining herself with her life mottoes: “Do not be concerned about what cannot be helped,” and “Control under pressure!” Some of the tragedies of her day with which her organization helps are: the Florida yellow fever epidemic, the Johnstown flood, the Russian famine, the Armenian massacres, and the Spanish-American War. Her last personal act of volunteerism takes place during the flood of Galveston, in 1900. She also spends extensive time writing and lecturing, and retires as the most decorated American woman of her time.

Surely, she followed with all her might, her daddy’s deathbed admonition to “Love God and serve your fellow man.”

Home taught by her brothers and sisters, rising from shy frailty to the right-hand position of mercy in many countries, who is your famous daughter?   Please leave a comment telling us who you think she is and then come back tomorrow for the answer!

Answer: Clarissa (Clara) Harlowe Barton, receiver of the German Iron Crossand the Cross of Imperial Russia, Founder of the American Red Cross, “Angel of the Battlefield”, author of Story of My Childhood, and home scholar.

 Another question: How many people do you know whose lives the RedCrosshas touched?

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