We Are Not Alone

At times she faces criticism from those around her for standing by her husband, but you realize she is doing only what you have taught her from early on—to be a helpmeet to him. At times when she must be absent from his side to nurse ill family members, he expresses his woe. In spite of all the prestige and fashionable society that she faces, your daughter often writes sweet passages in her correspondence, about how her little farm holds more charms to her than living at the Court of St. James, because her little hens are not trying to be offensive. She does have friends, though, among the most prominent men and women of her day, people of continuing prominence as founding families of our nation.



Leave a comment and guess who your famous daughter is and come back tomorrow for the answer!

Your daughter is Abigail Smith Adams, direct descendant of Thomas Shepard, wife of the second President of the Unites States, world traveler, extensive correspondent, and home scholar.



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