Arkansas House Kills Good Home School Bill

Students must have a minimum of 32 on their ACT in order to compete for the scholarship.  Last year, because of problems with existing law, the Department of Higher Education was unable to award any of these scholarships to the 16 home schooled students who would have otherwise qualified. All of these students made higher than 32 on their ACT, but were disqualified. Most had considerably higher scores than the students from public and private schools who received the scholarships. Two of the home schoolers had scores of 34 and 35 on the ACT and were National Merit Scholars, yet our current law prevented the Department of Higher Education from awarding the scholarship to even these students.

They were disqualified because the Department of Higher Education had to follow a law that is outmoded.  The way our current law is written, it appears that no home schooler will ever receive the Governor’s Distinguished Scholar Scholarship. SB 578 had the blessing of the Department of Higher Education because it fixed this problem.  This is why it had no opposition from anyone in the education community.  Your failure to support this bill has left us with serious problems that need to be fixed before the session ends.

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